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Here are a few of the many projects I have worked on over the years. Some were in developing countries, some for Fortune 500 companies, some for pioneering individuals. But all had the common mission of showing that a sustainable future powered by solar energy is both possible and practical.

  • The Phantom Laboratory

    The Phantom Laboratory

    The Phantom Laboratory, located in Greenwich, New York, is internationally recognized for producing dependable, high-precision “phantoms” used for evaluating the performance of medical imaging and...

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  • Ramakrishna Mission PV Program

    Ramakrishna Mission PV Program

    The Sunderban region of West Bengal India is a natural area for PV development. The region includes a group of islands in the delta of...

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  • Kroon Hall – Yale University

    Kroon Hall – Yale University

    To create this inspirational and instructional model of sustainable design, Yale University  brought together the some of the world’s leading architects and engineers: Hopkins Architects,...

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  • Ferrisburgh Solar Farm

    Ferrisburgh Solar Farm

    In November of 2010, real estate developer Ernie Pomerleau brought Vermont’s first megawatt scale PV plant on line. The 1 MW plant, designed and constructed...

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  • Edgar May Recreation Center

    Edgar May Recreation Center

    The solar heating system at the Edgar May Health & Recreation Center in Springfield, Vermont is the largest solar heating system in the state. The...

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  • School Power…Naturally

    School Power…Naturally

    School Power…Naturally was started in 2002 as an innovative program funded by the NY State Energy Research and Development Authority ( NYSERDA)  to educate New Yorkers...

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