The Phantom Laboratory

The Phantom Laboratory, located in Greenwich, New York, is internationally recognized for producing dependable, high-precision “phantoms” used for evaluating the performance of medical imaging and radiation therapy equipment.

Owners Joshua Levy and Julie Simms built the The Phantom Laboratory in 1999. Their goal was to construct a facility designed to reduce its environmental impact while providing a positive, healthy environment for employees. Working with Vermont architect, William Maclay, the owners incorporated the use of high-efficiency windows, heat recovery ventilation, “super” insulation, and other energy efficiency measures.

The photovoltaic system was designed and installed in the Fall of 2004 by Solar Works, Inc. It is sized to reduce the company’s power bills by 70 percent. Each year, the system will produce about 18,000 kilowatt-hours of pollution-free electricity. Under NYSERDA’s solar electric incentive program, The Phantom Laboratory qualified for a $75,000 grant to help pay for a major portion of the PV system. The system is interconnected with Niagara Mohawk Power Corp. which executed a purchase power agreement with the Laboratory to buy excess solar generation since commercial “net-metering” was not available in NY at the time.

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